Why you feel lost in life and how to find your calling and path

How to find your career path, your calling and vocation as a multipotential person ?

Feeling professionally lost is an experience shared by many.

You may be wondering where you belong, or whether you’ve really found your calling.

Perhaps you’re bored in your current job, feel your potential has reached a ceiling, or yearn for more meaning in your work.

If these thoughts cross your mind, you’re not alone, especially if you have a multipotential profile.

The quest for a professional vocation for multipotentialists

The search for a vocation isn’t just about a career, it’s a personal quest for meaning, impact and satisfaction.

For those who feel multi-tasked, multi-potential and have several passions, this search can seem even more complicated.

Here are my 5 keys to getting there:

  1. Cutting out the noise

The first step in our quest is to cut ourselves off from external distractions and social pressure.

It’s about refocusing on yourself, discovering what you’re really passionate about, away from the expectations of others.

Listen to your inner voice!

  1. Prioritize movement and experimentation

Stagnation is the enemy of progress.

Allowing yourself to try out new activities, even those that seem far removed from your comfort zone, can pave the way to surprising discoveries about yourself and your true passions.

Test, experiment, create opportunities and adjust.

  1. See life and work as a Game

Adopting a playful perspective on life and career can radically transform our approach to challenges.

Play stimulates learning, fosters creativity, and keeps us engaged in our journey.

What’s more, I recommend that you actually play “the infinite game”, which is:

What game do you want to play for the rest of your life?

I develop this concept in the book Flowtasking.

  1. Follow through on your attempts

The importance of not giving up too soon is crucial.

Every experience, whether it leads to success or disappointment, is rich in lessons and helps to refine our understanding of what really drives us.

Don’t just “taste”, really go all the way, in depth, into all aspects of your experiences to fully understand what you like and don’t like, rather than rejecting everything.

  1. Follow your “Zone of Genius

Your vocation lies where your talents and passions meet the needs of the world.

It’s in this intersection that you’ll find not only success but a deep sense of contribution and fulfillment.

How can you be an opportunity for others? For the world?

How can you find your Vocation?

Vocation is not a final destination, but a constant path of evolution and self-discovery.

It’s a journey that requires courage, patience and a willingness to adapt and grow.

Asking yourself the right questions, opening yourself up to new experiences, and above all, listening to your heart, are key steps to discovering your true vocation.

Remember, the path to your vocation is unique and personal. It’s not measured by the successes of others, but by the satisfaction and meaning it brings to your life.


Finding your path and your professional vocation is a personal journey, made up of reflection, experimentation and listening to yourself.

Don’t be discouraged by obstacles or uncertainties.

Embrace your journey with curiosity and openness, and remember that every step, however small, brings you closer to your ultimate vocation.

Remember: the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and pursue what truly brings you joy and satisfaction.

The quest for your vocation is first and foremost the path to yourself.