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5 habits to change so you stop wasting your time and potential

When it comes to changing your life, realizing your ambitions, creating fulfillment by evolving, the most powerful concept is the compound effect !

What counts is not what you do intensely once, but the little things in everyday life that cumulatively shape your destiny.

Bad habits can ruin your potential, whereas if you change the cursor, it lifts you up over time!

Of course, in a process of elevation and evolution, we tend to find these details too simple to be significant… And yet they make all the difference:

The “future you” will be created by your habits, routines and therefore daily decisions/actions, including these 5 changes:

Reading vs. Scrolling

Have you become accustomed to scrolling through social networks and letting yourself be drawn into an endless circle by algorithms?

The more you do, the less your brain can concentrate.

Your attention is your most precious asset, and the best way to regain it is to replace short formats with long ones:

Instead of picking up your smartphone and scrolling, grab a book !

I’ve even installed the Kindle app on my phone and continue reading when I have a break and not necessarily a book to hand. I also store articles in long format with Instapaper (save articles to read later).

Can’t you always be behind a screen or paper? Listen to podcasts and audiobooks!

Get back to consuming long formats!

Not only will you learn more, but your brain will gradually regain its focus and concentration.

Writing vs. ruminating and mental workload

If, like me, you have a tendency to rush off into endless thoughts: ruminating, overthinking, your brain asking 100,000 existential questions… Write!

Put your thoughts on paper, write down your goals, your to-dos, your plans… Unload your brain!

And above all: get into the habit of getting out of your head. Writing is a good first step.

Start Journalling !

Consumer vs. Creator

What is your ratio between consumption and creation?

How much time, money and energy do you devote to consumption and creation?

This ratio is important!

You need to spend as much or more time creating than consuming!

If I spend 1 hour consuming content, I spend at least 1 hour creating it…

If I benefit from value, I spend time creating it.

The aim is not to be calculating all the time, but to be aware of the importance of creating value, opportunities, content…

In short, plant seeds as much as you eat fruit.

Go from being a consumer to a creator!

Curiosity vs. Anxiety

Are you anxious about the future? Uncertainty weighing you down?

Change your posture: Instead of being anxious about an uncertain future, I’ve decided to be curious!

I can’t predict the future, let alone control everything, but I can be observant, curious and see it all as an opportunity to learn, grow, reinvent myself… Stay agile!

That’s the Flowtasking philosophy: Surf change!

I adopt a posture of openness and curiosity, rather than closure and fear.

There are two ways of asking “What does the future hold for me?”

Optimism or pessimism… Either way, you’ll be right 😉

This is a habit of response and attitude more than action, it’s about becoming proactive : Acting nimbly and focusing on what we control.

Rhythm vs. extremes

Near burn-out by doing too much, or total lethargy?

No extreme is good…

This game is played over the long term, and the only way to last is to put rhythm between :

  • Observation
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Reaction
  • Recovery

It’s good to be daring, but it’s important to measure things out 🙂

Set the pace by respecting these cycles!

You have two possible paths now, which, by cumulative effect, will take you to two different destinations in a few years’ time:

Path 1 :

  • Consuming irrelevant information and losing your ability to concentrate
  • Staying in the head, ruminating and thinking without doing anything
  • Do little or nothing to create, invest or plant seeds for the future
  • Staying frozen, waiting or enduring because of anxiety
  • Burn your wings or remain inactive
  • What will be the consequences?

Path 2:

  • Develop day-to-day knowledge and skills while maintaining good powers of concentration
  • Gain mental clarity and maintain good mental health
  • Create opportunities and plant seeds for the future
  • Explore, learn, reinvent, experiment…
  • Be regular and energetic
  • What are the consequences?

The choice is yours !

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