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Plateau Effect: 3 Ways to Overcome Stagnation

🆙 Breaking through the glass ceiling when you’ve been stuck on a plateau of stagnation for too long

We all go through “desert” and every growth goes through its phases of plateau or even descent… before getting back up and going further!

The problem is when the plateau or descent lasts too long, so you don’t stay in the desert too long.

So how do you go about it?

When you experience this, it’s because you know deep down that you could be somewhere else, at another level, but you’re stuck below that potential.

You’re going to have to “upgrade” to get past this level, and it’s all about :

– Your beliefs: what you think is or isn’t possible for you and in your context.

– Your skills: What you don’t yet know or master

– Your daily behavior: Your habits, your actions, your attitude, the quality of your thoughts and where you put your attention.

So you need to reinvent yourself in your being, your posture, your attitude and your response through routines and actions, sometimes bold ones, to stop doing the same things that bring the same results.

It’s also time to strengthen your skills, not just your “knowledge”. Put in place a real learning process that doesn’t just consist of fetching new information, but actually putting it into practice.

And above all, change your environment! You need new perspectives, new ways of thinking, models of people who have reached the levels you’re aiming for and who understand what you’re going through. The environment plays a major role!

That’s what I’m continuing to cultivate:

– Continuing to update my beliefs and internal programs so as not to remain fixed and obsolete over time.

– Surround myself with people who stimulate my desire to progress, who are constructive, enthusiastic and pull me upwards (by also daring to tell me what I need to hear).

– Keep the posture of “I don’t know anything and I still have everything to learn”: the eternal apprentice, open to revisions of what he really thinks he knows but needs to be reminded of, and what he also needs to learn through experience, encounters, reading and ongoing training.

Don’t get bogged down, don’t stay in your corner ruminating on why you’re stagnating, put this movement into the apprentice’s posture and surround yourself with people who want to learn from you.

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