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From shy and introvert to paid public speaker

During the last 40 days, I’ve given a series of 15 talks… Something that used to be impossible as an shy and introvert guy. 

I’ve shared my experience and advices about how to find your flow in life and business while staying true to yourself… 

People often ask, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” 

10 years ago, I’d never have imagined speaking in front of people paying to listen to me! 

It was unthinkable for a former shy guy like me.

I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years’ time, I’ve just realized that the best way to achieve the impossible is to go for it without listening to the external and internal voices that parasitize all ambition!

In 10 years, I’ll be where I need to be, in my flow.

The more I lecture, the more I’m “me”! 

We think that to evolve we have to “change”, but in reality change is more about getting closer to ourselves by removing the superfluous.

Here are the 5 key points I’ve shared: 

Rather than looking for models or frameworks to fit into, be yourself and align your strategy/path with what fits you and uses your advantages/strengths.

The best way to earn more and receive more is to become an opportunity for others. Don’t wait for everything to be handed to you on a platter, create the opportunities by becoming that opportunity, get out of yourself!

Your intention is what counts most! Whatever your decisions, actions, words, projects… Be clear about why you’re doing it. 

Your basic intention is essential for consistency. 

If you want to be more respected: Respect yourself first! 

Set your standards, your limits, and cultivate your values, while affirming your worth.

It’s normal to have fears and doubts, but what’s not normal is to let the voices of those fears and doubts take over. 

Use them as a driving force to cultivate excellence and stay on the move. 

We’re bursting with imagination! The trouble is, we put that imagination to work in the service of our fears and the worst that could happen, instead of putting it to work in the service of creation and expansion.

In short. Go towards the light, your light 😉 (those who have listened to me and discussed with me know what I’m talking about…)

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