A question to ask when you feel overhelmed, anxious and have mental workload

There’s a question we forget to ask ourselves when we have too much mental load, anxiety and ruminations…

We often associate it with too many tasks, too many responsibilities and too much work… But sometimes, the problem is just the opposite.

Ask yourself :

Do you have too much time on your hands?

You’re not busy enough with work, leisure, nurturing relationships or creative activities… So you do have time to let your mind wander!

Ask yourself this question!

Mind you, busy doesn’t mean working more (and adding to your mental load), it could be leisure or other recuperative activities. It’s a question of where your attention lies and how you can “get out of yourself”.

Mental load doesn’t always come from being too full, it can also come from being too empty, which you fill with thoughts that are often parasitic…

Take the time to observe this phenomenon! I often give advice on mental unloading, but I wanted to remind you that this context can also play a role 😉