How to choose between two paths in life

There are two ways to use energy and time: to create or to destroy.

The first way : Destruction, is easier and quicker.
It’s easier to criticize, blame, attack, destroy, break, belittle, enjoy immediate gratification…

The second path is more difficult.

It requires more effort and patience. Creation is long and subtle. It’s difficult and time-consuming to build, to rise, to encourage, to sow, to invest, to delay gratification, to take responsibility, to repeat…

This second path is harder beacause those who take it will be slowed down by those on the first one. In the end, they may even be converted to the first path and renounce all creation and elevation.

When you choose the second path, be strong, resilient and persevering, and don’t let anything or anyone kill your enthusiasm.

The world needs creators !

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