How I got my brain back

This world is f***ing up your brain, without you even realizing it !

Here’s how to get your brain back to full capacity with these simple habits…

Want to regain your focus, concentration and most importantly your brain in 2023?

Here are the changes to make:

In French, we say “prêter attention”, in English “pay attention”.

Our language considers that it is a loan, therefore that we will get it back… Whereas in English we PAY! This comparison is interesting because the most precious thing we have is our time, and we are in a world where this time is stolen by: more and more solicitations, entertainment, scrolling on social networks, notifications, polarization…

If we are honest with ourselves, having our attention “stolen” so much and especially spending it instead of investing it is the royal way to crush our creativity, destroy our critical spirit, steal our lucidity, prevent us from creating!

By the way, if you notice that you are finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate, think strategically and go a long time without pulling out your phone to see if you got any notifications… Or what you might have missed (#FOMO effect), it’s time to get your brain back…

Here are the simple things you can do to regain your full capabilities:

Replace scrolling on social networks with reading long formats: Feature articles (I use Feedly and Instaper), books (always have a book or e-reader with you). Get your brain used to staying focused again.

Put your phone away from you, keep it at a distance! You’ll be less tempted to go on it! (I confess, I often forget where it is).

Set specific times to scroll if you want, but don’t do it outside of those times. Avoid doing it in the morning when you wake up or at night before you go to sleep.

Balance consumption and creation. For every hour you spend creating content, spend the same amount of time creating content. Become more creator than consumer…

I’ve had this rule for 10 years, with my time and money: If I spend 100€ in useless things, I invest 100€ in a long term asset, if I spend 1H scrolling on the networks, I spend 1H creating and publishing content.

Start work sprints (we talk a lot about the #Pomodoro technique): You set a timer (45 minutes or 1H30) and work without distraction or breaks during that time. Take a break, then start again. It’s up to you to find your ideal rhythms (for me it’s 1H30 before a break).

Turn off your notifications! Interruptions are the #1 enemy of productivity! Stop trying to be available all the time! My phone is always in “do not disturb” mode, which only allows urgent calls (family) and I only check my emails once a day. With the team, we use Slack but I’m not on it often…

Take breathing or meditation breaks. Take moments to focus solely on your breathing. And for the more advanced, take moments to connect to the present moment and your senses to refocus in the here and now.

The idea is simple, get out of reactive and passive mode! Take back your attention, take back your TIME!

You decide what you respond to, when you respond! You decide what your priorities are! You decide what is really important and a priority to accomplish your mission.

And you, what are your focus tips ?

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