Top 25 lessons from 1500 books I’ve read the last 15 years

I read over 1500 books the last 15 years to learn these 25 lessons, enjoy this summary :

Top 5 lessons from self-improvements books 

  • Don’t chase happiness, hapiness comes from : relationships, being present and find meaning in life
  • Self-Awareness is the key to be more confident and find your way through life
  • Use the principle of least effort to use leverage with your strengths and unfair advantage
  • Change your thoughts, change your life
  • Let it go ! Detachment is the key to get what you want (paradox) 

Top 5 best lessons from business and entrepreneurship books

  • Don’t try to find an idea, solve a problem !
  • Build a (personal) brand and a reputation
  • Know your numbers to focus on what matters
  • Use leverage to work on your business and not in your business
  • Ask more « who ? » than « how ? »

Top 5 best lessons from time management and productivity books

  • Apply the 5 minutes rules : Focus on starting !
  • Go deep work and don’t be distracted or interrupted
  • Batching time is the best way to work in flow
  • Focus on One Thing, learn to prioritize
  • Discipline and consistency beat motivation 

Top 5 best lessons from money books

  • Don’t work for money, work to learn
  • Pay yourself first, invest and live below your means 
  • Invest only in what you understand
  • Learn to be disciplined about delayed gratification 
  • Make money with your talents and then make the money work for you

Top 5 best lessons from relationships and influence books

  • Be more interested in others than in trying to be interesting
  • LISTEN ! Ask questions !
  • Give people what they really wants
  • SHOW ! Don’t tell…
  • Don’t be in demand and need, be confident !

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