10x is better than 2X

Work Less, Get more ! 5 keys to 10x your result by doing less

What if I told you that it’s possible to get the same results for less effort and time in your daily life?

Even better… What if you could do X10 without the extra effort and time?

It’s one of the most important beliefs I’ve broken in the last 10 years, especially when you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day.

In this Newsletter :

I’m going to share with you the 5 keys to getting out of “hard mode” (stop complicating life and wasting time) to make a big lever and save time!

  • Are you still in a constant battle for diminishing results but increasing efforts?
  • How can we reverse the curve?
  • How can you think differently when you’ve reached the maximum in time and energy for your results and income? Shift to a different scale?
  • How do you break out of this plateau and break the glass ceiling of limited time per day when you have so many projects?
  • How can you stop over-adapting to models that don’t suit you?

Answers through 5 keys…

5 keys to working less, earning more, and succeeding with less effort (getting out of hard mode)

I’m aware that we live in a society that values effort: pride in hard work!

I’m the first to be a hard worker, the worry is that our capacity for work and production has its limits:

  • Our time (24 hours a day)
  • Our energy (managing to be productive for several hours a day, knowing that it varies)
  • Our own skills (our limits)

It’s clear that a glass ceiling will soon be reached on these 3 points.

The idea is therefore to work hard on levers that increase results tenfold and do not depend solely on our time, energy and the limits of our skills.

If you want to take things to the next level, it’s going to be essential to think outside the box.

You remain in “difficult mode” as long as you continue to go “against your flow” and don’t use the right levers.

1- Self-Awareness :

What’s the point of making an effort if it means denying yourself?

Is it necessary to constantly over-adapt to paths, tasks, projects or models… that don’t suit us?

I often talk about using your “unfair advantage” because we all have them: passions, facilities, strengths, assets, connections… Anything that works to your advantage.

When you follow what you’re passionate about and use your strengths, you move faster in terms of learning, impact and evolution.

The first lever is to really support and focus on your strengths.

2- Letting go (the paradox)

“Less is more

Keep it simple, focus on the essentials, be patient... It’s the key to making rapid progress!

When you’re too controlling and impatient, you don’t give your investments time to germinate.

In fact, that’s the biggest problem I see with new entrepreneurs: impatience!

You can’t control everything, and your results aren’t your own. So focus your energy on what matters and your priorities.

Anything that generates stress and anxiety is too often out of your control.

Respect the active/passive rhythm, you can achieve much more by doing me, it requires sorting.

3- The Leverage Effect

I really like the “10x is better than 2x” concept.

If you want to double your results, you do the same thing but either more, or better… But there’s a limit!

If you want to multiply your results by more than 10, you think differently.

The example I often give is when I was a consultant and selling my time, I had only 2 solutions to earn more: get more clients, increase my rates. In both cases, I’d be limited by time and the market.

So I decided to distill my expertise into online methods and programs. I create the product once, and it automatically sells ad infinitum. That’s the leverage effect!

What would you do if you had to earn 10 times as much while working the same… or less?

Really ask yourself about possible solutions, and if you don’t have any, call in outside expertise to evolve or diversify your model.

You can optimize your current time and structure, but there will always be the limits of a system that will require you to change your approach.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping freelancers and entrepreneurs who’ve reached their time limit to “scale up” their activities.

The following 2 keys will help you do just that:

4- Systematize and standardize

Anything that’s scalable requires the creation of systems and processes.

Amateurs think about goals, professionals think about systems.

The reason is simple: what makes the difference is not done once, but repeated and improved.

  • A marketing customer acquisition system.
  • A system for content creation and editorial strategy.
  • A customer support system.
  • A system for delivering products to your customers

Systems are to work what routines are to people.

If you want to get back into shape, you need a good eating and exercise routine.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need the right systems in the key levers of your business.

You’re no longer a Sunday handyman, but a CEO.

Ask yourself: What processes and systems need to be in place for my business to run smoothly every day? So what needs to be repeated to a certain standard?

This step is crucial if we are to…

5- Delegate and surround yourself with people

The advantage of having your processes and systems in place is that now you can surround yourself with people and recruit them to run these systems.

You have limited time, skills and energy, so it’s essential to surround yourself with the right people 🙂

Where and who to start?

It depends on you… Start with what you’re really not good at and what gets you upset the most. Then develop each mission as you go along.

Take your time, be clear, be patient.

So :

  1. Use your unfair advantages
  2. Let go
  3. Use the leverage effect
  4. Systemize and standardize
  5. Delegate, surround yourself!

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