Why successes don’t make us happier : A shocking truth about happiness

I realize that in 2023 I’ve achieved all the accomplishments I dreamed of in 2013… with a shocking revelation!

I’m no happier today than I was in 2013…

In 2013 I was really starting to make a living from my business, I could travel without limit, I was free, my income was recurring and I was dreaming :

💭To release a book

💭Doing conferences

💭Traveling to a bucket list of countries

💭Make a CA X10

💭Let this freedom be confirmed and last (I could hardly believe it)

💭And lots of other little dreams

In 2023:

💎I’ve released several books

💎Gave several conferences

💎Traveled almost everywhere I wanted to go

💎I make more in 1 month than I did in 1 year in 2013…

💎All the little dreams have come true

And :

I’m not happier!

I’m more accomplished, more competent, more experienced, better surrounded, more aware of the value of certain things, wiser (or not) …

But not necessarily happier…

Because I already was!

Once the euphoria of reaching a goal, a result or a milestone has passed, happiness returns to its baseline.

No goal made me happier; in fact, it was the fact of continuing to do the projects that drove me that made me happy!

I’d even go so far as to say that I’ve lost some of the carefree attitude I had in my twenties (you sound like a talking boomer)…

That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs don’t stop once they’ve passed certain milestones or sold their business…

Because it’s the pleasure of creating, having a vision and falling in love with the PROCESS that’s most important.

I really wish enough people would achieve goals to realize that it doesn’t make them happier. Being happy isn’t about accomplishments or possessions, it’s about how you perceive what you have, who you are and the world.

The very fact of following meaningful “quests” contributes to happiness!

I still love writing, giving talks, training, making videos and podcasts, learning, launching projects, traveling…

In the end, it’s not a checklist that makes us happy, it’s being in our flow!

Fall in love with the process by daring to follow projects that make sense, even when it’s difficult.

Don’t wait to be happy.

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