deal with crisis and difficult times

5 lessons from the last 12 years on how to deal with crisis and level up in difficult time

Crises, dilemmas, questioning, friction, difficulties… How do you deal with more difficult times?

The last three years have been a real test of resilience and adaptation. Today, I’m sharing with you the five biggest lessons I’ve learned about the art of navigating crises:

1- Back to the Basics :

🌲Like a tree:

Have solid, well-anchored roots: your values, your energy, your vision, your close circle, your mission… This means taking care of yourself, those around you (and your customers in business), which is essential.

Your branches are your skills, which you develop and solidify over time!

You may lose some leaves (plans, projects, money etc.) but if the rest is solid, you know how to rebuild and no storm will wash you away 😉

On a personal, professional and strategic level, getting back to BASICS is essential, rather than getting lost in the hustle and bustle.

2- Stay Agile and Keep It Simple :

Attachment to rigid plans, models and beliefs can be a trap.

We need to remain flexible, test new approaches and move forward boldly. Sometimes, radical decisions are necessary to adapt quickly.

Don’t stand still, don’t get bogged down, don’t create complexity… Be agile!

3- Trust your Intuition :

In a world where fears and external noise can overwhelm, listening to your intuition is crucial. It is often a reliable guide to the right decisions.

Listen to your inner voice, cut through the clutter – deep down, you know what you have to do!

4- Follow your Plan :

While it’s important to be agile, it’s also important to follow a coherent plan.

The plan isn’t meant to go as planned, but it does give direction.

Reacting constantly or panicking only distracts from our main objectives.

Sit down, make your plan !

5- Keep Meaning and Vision Clear :

Never forget why we do what we do.

Vision and meaning give us the strength to persevere even in the most uncertain of times.

In this way, we come full circle 🙂

So :

  • Master + Solidify your basics and fundamentals
  • Stay agile, keep it simple
  • Trust yourself
  • Set and follow your plan
  • Keep your vision in mind!

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