Efforts vs Results

Everybody will congratulate you when you get :

  • Your picture on stage
  • Raised funds
  • 6 then 7, 8… figures…
  • Bought your new car 
  • Signed your new contract
  • Received your diploma
  • Won your medal
  • Achieved that performance…

Nobody is going to congratulate you when :

  • You get up early in the morning to go to work 
  • You’ve made THE decision that scares you
  • You take that extra step when you’re at your limit
  • You’ve tried 1,000 times and failed 999 times
  • You took the 100th rejection 
  • You persevered after yet another failure 
  • You stayed up late working instead of going out for a drink and a party.


Success is built in the shadows, when no one is looking!

Focus on your efforts and your evolution… The results will be a consequence! 

Base your self-esteem and confidence on what you control: your character and your ability to learn + progress!