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12 lessons I’ve learned about sales, marketing and influence the last decade

1. Popularity passes, respect stays: Create a reputation, earn respect, your popularity won’t last, but the emotions people have experienced with you will, as well as the respect… A true reputation is stronger than mere popularity.

2. Your customers don’t just buy your offers, they buy your story, your identification, your values, your energy and, of course, the benefits for them. The key to influence: put yourself in the other person’s shoes!

3. Selling is about trust, listening and taking an interest in the customer. You have these advantages if you’re an introvert. Don’t try to talk and argue, just listen and ask the right questions.

4. Shyness is overcome, being introverted is assumed, skills in communication, marketing, sales, speaking… are developed.

5. The market is always right, it’s merciless: the customer will go for what he understands, what’s best and easiest for him. It’s up to you to adapt your offers/marketing practices.

6. Selling is 80% preparation: your reputation, prospect qualification, interview preparation, the attractiveness of your offers and your positioning. 20% comes from feeling, energy, how you lead the “dance” and your level of confidence to close.

7. If you have to educate your customers too much, it’s because your offer isn’t yet irresistible. Create a stronger pull to make the sale, before you sell. You won’t have to push as hard.

8. It’s important to maintain a good energy level. My peace is my priority, so I protect myself by not always being available or accessible. I’ve developed routines to recharge my “batteries” and get back on top.

9. Trusting others starts with trusting yourself. The more confident and enthusiastic you are with your offers and your intentions, the more attractive you become.

10. Don’t stop at the first failure. Too many people give up after 3 failures. Don’t draw any conclusions until you’ve made at least 100 attempts, without forgetting to improve and not repeat the same mistakes. Try, fail, learn, improve… And you’ll succeed! Repetition + improvement is the key!

11. Don’t reinvent the wheel: Sales, marketing, influence… It’s psychology! There are timeless processes and principles – master them first! These fundamentals will be your pillars, your personality your difference and your strengths a catalyst. The key to influence is to become an opportunity for others by being yourself, in the best incarnation of your values and talents!

12. Bonus: Be yourself! You shine when you’re fully yourself 🙂 Assume who you are and keep the flame burning!

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