crisis and uncertainty

How to embrace chaos and manage uncertainty : 7 keys to rise through crisis

2023 has tested many in a whirlwind and chaos of uncertainty:


❌Loss of meaning


❌Fear of lack


❌Always more effort

❌Difficulty in career/business

2024 won’t be a easy ride either… I’d rather be honest and arm you against it!

How do you navigate this context of crisis and uncertainty to best prepare for the New Year?

Let’s not go into denial, let’s not wait for it to pass; let’s also not tend towards pessimism, complaining and blaming, it’s time to ride the wave, adjust the sails…

Take responsibility with what we control!

🚀 Preparing for 2024, find your Flow in Chaos :

While we wait for the live, here are a few leads (I’ll elaborate on Thursday)…

1. Resilient State of Mind

Embrace the discomfort!

Cultivate a resilient mindset, ready to pivot when necessary.

Don’t see obstacles, friction, problems as stops, but as stepping stones or opportunities to reinvent yourself.

2. Realigning with Your Heart Mission

You have a mission, your own mission, your company’s mission. You also have values.

Are you in a fog?

Use this moment to realign yourself with that mission, understand how it can adapt to today’s challenges and stay true to your core values.

What’s the deeper reason behind what you do?

3. Agility and adaptability

Plans can change overnight.

Be agile, ready to adjust your trajectory while staying focused on your long-term goals.

Adaptability is the key to survival and growth in an ever-changing world.

“Adapt or die!”

4. Explore New Opportunities and Reinvent Yourself

In crisis often lie unexpected opportunities: Pivot, model change, restructuring, lightening…

Keep an eye open, be ready to explore new markets, new partnerships, new ways of doing things.

Innovations are often born in moments of adversity.

Creativity is born out of constraint…

5. Building Strong Connections

The strength of your network can be your shield in difficult times.

Strengthen your professional relationships, connect with other brains!

“Masterminds” (brain connections) are ideal opportunities to multiply opportunities, change perspectives and find solutions.

6. Energy and Enthusiasm

Your energy is your most valuable asset. It’s the most important!

It’s what fuels your creativity, your lucidity, your resilience…

Channel it into constructive action.

Let’s face it: you’re useless when you’re burnt out! You can’t think straight when you’re exhausted…

Take care of yourself, keep your body-mind-soul balance.

Don’t scatter yourself, don’t let pessimism, fear or abandonment get the better of you…

7. Keep the faith

Believe in yourself! You’ve been through some crises in your life, I’m sure… And you know that this is a necessary passage for your transformation!

The best is yet to come, as long as you build it!

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