5 biggest sales and marketing mistakes that make you lose money

🛑5 mistakes that cause you to lose a huge amount of customers, sales and therefore money in your business…

There are 5 common mistakes and beliefs that many freelancers and entrepreneurs make by listening to “trendy marketing advice” and that waste a huge amount of time and money :

1️⃣ Thinking that being talented, willing and visible is all it takes to make sales. 

In reality, if you don’t know how to package and present your offers in a way that makes them attractive to your customers, you’re making everything much more difficult! You’re not supposed to bother convincing… Your customers have to want to buy!

2️⃣ Chasing visibility and engagement before having a truly viable offer.

This ends up creating a “hole in the wall” where all your visibility efforts have a sieve effect. Basically, you’re attracting people who will never become customers.

3️⃣ Focus on the competition instead of on your customers.

You’re “reactive” to your market, which makes differentiation difficult in addition to always being one step behind. Your customers should be your main focus!

4️⃣ Listen to people who are always talking about how they made xxxK a month when they were broke 2 years ago, with superficial advice promising that if you copy their method, which they’ll send you by typing “get super rich without doing anything”, you’ll explode your business in record time!

Only to end up in a pyramid scheme instead of developing your own business with YOUR offers and YOUR customers. I’m not fighting against this kind of marketing mediocrity, but as long as you believe in it, you’ll keep chasing results without knowing the skills and processes that lead to them… 

5️⃣ Thinking that selling has to be a complicated thing or a “hack” when in reality it’s based on simple principles of human psychology that have been the same for centuries. 

When you understand these principles, everything becomes more fluid and you stop chasing fads or exhausting yourself fighting human psychology.