How to avoid screwing up the end of the year : 5 steps to finish 2023 well and prepare 2024

5 tips to end 2023 well and prepare for 2024

The end of the year is a symbolic time of reunion, celebration and transition…

How about taking a little time before the holidays to reconnect with yourself? It’s already a good start ๐Ÿ™‚

1/ Making peace

Make peace!

Make peace with your failures, your guilt, the disappointments, the people with whom things went wrong… Making peace allows YOU to be at peace!

Don’t carry a burden into 2024…

You’ve encountered difficulties! Bravo, you’re still here, you’re resilient, persevering! Take the lessons and move on!

Are you disappointed? Don’t feel guilty, you’ve done your best, be kind to yourself…

If there’s forgiveness or apology to be made, for yourself or for others, do it!

Move forward!

2/ Take stock, calmly…

Sit down and take stock!

Not just an impression or an overall feeling!

Take the time to delve deeply into :

  • The past: where you’ve come from, your victories and failures, but above all the lessons you’ve learned and what you’re doing with them.
  • The present: Where you are, take the time to be grateful and come back to yourself (your talents, your strengths, your limits, your needs, your desires…) and celebrate!
  • The future: Where do you want to be? Your goals, your ambitions, your vision, what you want to achieve… Make the PLAN!Really take the time!

3/ Realign yourself

First and foremost, an assessment helps you get back on track!

It’s okay to get a little lost along the way, but a cumulative misdirection (over several months, years…) distracts you from what’s important to you.

Go back to your values, your real ambitions (what you’re really dreaming of without outside influence) and above all what drives you deep down inside.

I’m sure you’re feeling this need right now, as if you’re being invited to get back to basics, follow this flow, listen to yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

4/ Celebrate!

You bet! Take the time to celebrate!

Celebrate your victories!

Celebrate your attitude!

Celebrate yourself!

Celebrate the people who have contributed to your happiness!

Celebrate the difficulties that make you better and stronger!

Celebrate life!

5/ Set the intention for what comes next

I mentioned making a plan, which is important, but you can do it in January if everything isn’t clear…

Just set an intention: What do you want from 2024?

Your brain will work off and the plan will gradually take shape…

If you’re not clear on the details, at least be clear on the big picture!

In any case, a plan is made to give direction and commitment, but it never goes according to plan ๐Ÿ˜‰

At least you know which direction to go in, and plot the path as you go!

All this doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time, but take the time!

It’s important and it’s the little things that make the difference:

  • Make peace
  • Take stock
  • Refocus on what matters
  • Celebrate
  • Set the intention for what’s next

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