The comfort zone trap or why you’re more at risk at the top

The decisions you make when you’re “on top”, at the top, will determine your future lows…

After sharing the keys to managing the lows, bouncing back and knowing how to get back up, it’s time to manage the highs! Paradoxically, the high phases can be “risky”, and the decisions we make at that moment can clearly create our next galleys, or on the contrary, if we do the right things, avoid or prepare for them.

It’s often said that the hardest part isn’t getting to the top, it’s staying there and coming back down. “The harder the fall

These periods can be very beneficial… or they can turn into traps. It all depends on your decisions:

Here’s how to manage your highs (avoid resting on your laurels): 

⛰️ When you’re on top! 👍

When :

  • Everything flows
  • Your resources are green: time, energy, money
  • You’re on the road to success
  • You are confident

Now’s a good time to do the following… and avoid certain pitfalls!

Enjoy and celebrate :`

We tend to think that highs and lows are definitive… But as you know, that’s not the case!

You might as well make the most of it, come back to the present and simply enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about “when the wheel’s going to turn” or the worst that could happen (we’ll anticipate it, don’t worry).

Just enjoy the moment!

Don’t fall into the trap of telling yourself that “the good old days” have already passed, because you’ll be telling yourself the same thing about what you’re experiencing now in a few years’ time.

Observation and anchoring :

These periods are ideal for creating your “anchors”!

Anchoring involves associating a state with external stimuli.

For example, when you feel confident, listen to the same music on a loop that your brain will associate with this state of confidence.

You can then listen to this music to bring yourself back into this state.

I had just shared this article on mental preparation and conditioning…

Observe how you feel, your attitude, your state, the quality of your thoughts. Being aware of your “tops” enables you to condition yourself to rise again during your “flops”.

Don’t catch fire…

Enjoying doesn’t mean burning!

Don’t burn up your resources, and don’t forget that tops aren’t final.

You must avoid burning all your cash, resting on your laurels, increasing your standard of living based on a short period of time, stopping innovating or anticipating…

What will you need most for your future stockings?

  • Skills for action
  • State of mind for bouncing back and making decisions
  • Support to get you through
  • Opportunities to be created
  • Resources at your disposal or ability to find them

You then understand that your tops are used to sow:

  • Continue your training
  • Set aside, invest to anticipate dips with greater peace of mind
  • Expand your network and reputation
  • Test, innovate, don’t wait until you’re up against the wall to be creative and stay one step ahead.
  • Diversify (but capitalize on what’s already working)

The more you make these kinds of “good decisions”, the more you anticipate the lows. These decisions are based on common sense and timeless principles that keep you in the best of dispositions in times of peace and chaos.

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