7 lessons from my entrepreneurial journey

💎Lesson 1: 

Time flies, don’t waste time!

You’ll regret what you didn’t do more than what you did! Dare to act!

💎Lesson 2: 

Don’t wait for financial freedom. Don’t think a specific goal achieved will make you happy. Don’t expect a status “when I have… or when I am… I’ll be happy and complete!”

It’s never over! Every time you reach a new level, you want to keep progressing.

The ideal is to fall in love with the process and accept that we’re already complete at the moment and constantly progressing! 

💎Lesson 3: 

Don’t remain alone with your questions: people have already encountered the problems you’re experiencing! You’ll get there faster if you ask for help and surround yourself with experienced entrepreneurs.

💎Lesson 4: 

Don’t be anxious, 95% of the worst you imagine won’t happen!

Don’t waste life’s beautiful moments worrying about the future. Do what you have to do and enjoy the journey! 

Enjoy the moment and keep learning, never underestimate your ability to adapt!

💎Lesson 5: 

Follow your intuition, deep down you know what you have to do!

Don’t let the noise or your fears disturb you, and stay focused! Trust the process 🙂

💎Lesson 6: 

Always stay honest and keep doing what’s right! Even when you see others doing things misaligned with your values, and encouraging you to do the same thinking that’s what you’re missing, don’t give in! Your integrity is non-negotiable! There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just aligned with your values.

💎Lesson 7: 

Enjoy the game! Have fun! Have fun! Keep it childish! Stay curious! As soon as you start to get too serious and too attached to results, go back to your inner child for advice. He’s your best guide…

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