7 life and money lessons I wish I knew before my 30’s

The 7 life lessons :

  • Invest Early ! Pay yourself first, invest and spend your money in experiences and memorises. Pay attention to not living beyond your means.
  • Don’t care about what others think and will think about you, your failures… There are busy worrying about their own lifes.
  • Don’t fight to be right. There is no truth, everyone has his own truth, follow yours !
  • Don’t waste your energy to try changing others. Show the path and let them take their decisions.
  • Fail fast ! The biggest risk is not taking risk. Fail, learn, try again !
  • Goals and dreams are overrrated ! The destinatio is not so exciting when you arrive their. Focus on the journey and fall in love with the process.
  • Don’t live in the past and think about the “old good times”. You will talk about how what you are living now will be the “old good time” in 10 years. Live in the present and have gratitude for the past. Then, move on !

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