The most important lesson I have learned about Time Management and Productivity

Time is the most precious resource !

I experienced a quantum leap the day I understood that my priority was my time… I need to be free with my time!

Ultimately, money is used to “buy” time: experiences, comfort, delegation, etc.

Having been dealing with the subject of time on the web since 2008, and having trained thousands of people on the subject, here’s the most important thing I’ve learned:

Motivation doesn’t wait, it’s created in motion. Don’t wait to be motivated, do and motivation will become a habit.

Discipline is all about doing what you have to do on good days and bad. The reason is simple: regularity always pays off!

You don’t “manage” your time, you organize your priorities in the 24 hours you have available each day.

Most trendy productivity techniques make you forget one key concept: we’re all different, and you need to find the rhythm that suits you.

There’s no point in having a lot of time if you don’t have enough energy.

Energy determines the best use of time! If you know how to manage your energy, you become master of your time.

Take care of your time – it’s the one resource you can never get back…

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