The habit that made me work less and earn more (it’s scalable)

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I’ve talked about the importance of habits and routines this week, and there’s one that has really had a significant impact on my life and career (especially regarding my energy level and fluidity in my progress). It really helps you earn more by working less! What’s more, you’ll see that it’s a kind of “habitception”! […]

5 habits to change so you stop wasting your time and potential

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When it comes to changing your life, realizing your ambitions, creating fulfillment by evolving, the most powerful concept is the compound effect ! What counts is not what you do intensely once, but the little things in everyday life that cumulatively shape your destiny. Bad habits can ruin your potential, whereas if you change the […]

What scares you most is precisely where you should  go !

What scares you most is precisely where you should go ! Fear is my best ally ! “Johann, how do you manage not to be afraid and doubt yourself ?” It’s impossible, I’m always afraid, I often doubt… And my best answer is to keep moving forward! Nelson Mandela said, “Courage is not the absence of […]

5 secrets to become more confident

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💪Self-confidence is not what you think it is: 5 revelations ! To be honest, I was far from being a confident person in life… quite the opposite! I always felt an inferiority complex by feeling like I was behind everyone else. I was so out of step that I spent my life wondering “what the […]