5 secrets to become more confident

jo yang

đź’ŞSelf-confidence is not what you think it is: 5 revelations ! To be honest, I was far from being a confident person in life… quite the opposite! I always felt an inferiority complex by feeling like I was behind everyone else. I was so out of step that I spent my life wondering “what the […]

How to choose between two paths in life

There are two ways to use energy and time: to create or to destroy. The first way : Destruction, is easier and quicker.It’s easier to criticize, blame, attack, destroy, break, belittle, enjoy immediate gratification… The second path is more difficult. It requires more effort and patience. Creation is long and subtle. It’s difficult and time-consuming […]

The most powerful principles for success are the simplest

The most powerful principles for success are the simplest The simplest principles are the most powerful, but many people like to get caught up in the headaches or consider that it can’t be that simple… However, the majority of our progress, our success, our well-being, our fulfillment… are based on SIMPLE principles! We prefer to […]

What to not expect from life ?

Don’t expect to have no more problems, expect to have the strength and clarity to solve them. Don’t expect things to go your way, expect to have the agility to adapt. Don’t expect life to be always smooth and easy, expect to have the character to respond. Don’t expect only joyful events, expect to experience […]

How I got my brain back

This world is f***ing up your brain, without you even realizing it ! Here’s how to get your brain back to full capacity with these simple habits… Want to regain your focus, concentration and most importantly your brain in 2023? Here are the changes to make: In French, we say “prĂŞter attention”, in English “pay […]

Do not celebrate your success too much !

It is said that in order not to live too badly with failure, one should not celebrate victories too much so as not to go down too much during difficult moments. In the same way, in order not to live too badly with criticism: you should not give too much importance to compliments, if you […]

Top 25 lessons from 1500 books I’ve read the last 15 years

I read over 1500 books the last 15 years to learn these 25 lessons, enjoy this summary : Top 5 lessons from self-improvements books  Top 5 best lessons from business and entrepreneurship books Top 5 best lessons from time management and productivity books Top 5 best lessons from money books Top 5 best lessons from […]