lunar year dragon 2024

How to make the year of the dragon 2024 the best year of your life


This weekend, we enter the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of courage, expansion, transformation, vitality, strength, luck, protection and wisdom!

And for this special Lunar New Year newsletter, I’d like to share with you 12 keys to cultivating these virtues!

The last newsletter was particularly long (about visualization and mental preparation), so we’ll keep it light this week 🙂

⭐12 keys for the next 12 months

We’re living in a special time that can quickly lead to discouragement, loss of meaning, exhaustion in all directions…

1- Raise and protect your energy:

Your energy is your most precious asset, and it brings “quality” to the use of your time. The idea is not to feel guilty or put pressure on yourself to always be “on top”, but to keep your energy and vitality so that you can stay clear-headed, on the move and know how to bounce back/recover quickly.

2- Focus on the energy of enthusiasm and creation:

The context pushes us to innovate and create. Don’t rest on your laurels and certainties, and don’t just try to reproduce what works (if it doesn’t work any more, it’s forcing you to change, to move forward): direct your energy towards creation without looking at what others are doing or comparing yourself!

3- Come back to the moment:

We can easily give in to nostalgia, rehash the past or worry about the future… But your best moments are in the here and now. What you experience here will become “the good old days”, so don’t wait until it’s in the past to appreciate every moment.

4- Go back to simplicity:

Complexity is the enemy of expansion! Keep it simple: lighten, eliminate, remove… Don’t carry the mental and physical burden of what no longer serves you!

5- Don’t lose sight of the most important thing:

Are your goals influenced by what society wants from you, by what is “right” or by your heart? Your soul? Do your goals represent a driving force or a pressure that frustrates you? Refocus in a direction that really suits you… It’s your life! Choose your battles wisely 😉

6- Don’t waste your time:

You only have 24 hours a day – that’s a lot of time! Your time is precious. You can take your time, not waste it. Don’t count the hours, make them count! Productivity is all about increasing the quality of the time you spend on what matters to you.

7- Keep the sacred fire burning:

Motivation, discipline and willpower are overrated. Not everything is effort… Instead, cultivate a flow, a rhythm that allows you to leverage while surfing your states.

8- Be the opportunity:

Your career, your business, is growing at the same rate as your personal growth in terms of the skills and services you bring to others. Do you want more money? More opportunities? More luck? Be a chance and an opportunity for others… Be in a posture of service, and the rest will follow!

9- Cultivate healthy relationships:

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships. Whether intimate, friendly, familial, professional, etc. Surround yourself with people who uplift you, and uplift others.

10- Use leverage:

Do less, but better! Quality before quantity… Sow and create “assets” regularly to be able to harvest.

11- Embrace the seasons:

You’ll always have problems, unforeseen events, disappointments, losses, failures, “difficult seasons”… It’s all part of life! Instead, cultivate the ability to become better at solving problems and building resilience. Make the best of good times AND bad.

12- Take care of yourself:

You really are! You are the most precious thing you have. There’s no need to burn yourself out, to sacrifice your health (physical, mental, spiritual…). Cultivate balance, recover as much as you perform, play for the long term!

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