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How to find freedom in an unfree world

馃晩锔廠tay free in the world of 2024?

If you’re following me, it’s certainly because we share the value of freedom.

鉁˙ut what does freedom mean to you?

Whether you want to embark on a project of the heart, continue on a fulfilling path, relaunch yourself into something new and more aligned with your aspirations today…

We share this desire to be free!

In the last newsletter, I talked about the importance of setting goals in line with your values. How can you activate the value of freedom?

We’re not free when we :

鉂孎ollow a path that doesn’t suit us

鉂孋hase after meaningless numbers

鉂孭lay a role or deny ourselves out of fear of judgment

鉂孋onstantly worries about the future and that we’re afraid of running out

鉂孲tays in a constant struggle

How to be truly free in the world of 2024?

Here are 5 principles to cultivate the value of freedom this year:

For me, freedom is choice!

This necessarily requires what I often talk about, “The 5 levels of freedom”:

1. Geographical freedom

2. Financial freedom

3. Relational freedom

4. Freedom of meaning

5. Freedom to be oneself

馃拵These 5 principles unlock these different levels of freedom:

1锔忊儯 Be more aware of ourselves and the world around us

Everything is perception.

If you know yourself and see yourself and the world more optimistically, life becomes healthier.

You no longer see a battle, but an adventure.

We no longer live in fear or constant threat, but in agility and adapted response with greater confidence.

We adapt, we evolve, and we’re more at peace…

2锔忊儯 Understand the game you’re playing

Whatever discipline or business you’re in, understand the game:

Type of activity, investment, relationships, sporting discipline… Understanding the game allows you to know how to play it and become better at it!

There’s even talk of the Infinite Game:

You’re not looking to be the best, but to become better! You play to win, but accept to lose in order to progress.

Real knowledge of the game and evolving skills set you free, because no one can take that away from you.

3锔忊儯 Diversification

They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, and it’s true!

When the 2020 crisis hit, I was quite happy to have a varied business, which enabled me to return to the web at a time when we’d pivoted on events.

In the same way, today I have several online and offline positions (long live multipotentiality) and ranges of offers, so I’m not dependent on one market or one type of clientele. I can vary, change, alternate, alone or as part of a team…

I’ve also diversified my investments when one area declines, another compensates.

Don’t spread yourself too thin (take the time to sow your seeds as you go), but diversify step by step.

4锔忊儯 The agile & growth mindset

No strings attached, no certainties, no fixed beliefs! Be open and constantly learning.

Test, fail, try again, keep what works, innovate… Observe, listen, learn!

We call this a “growth mindset”, where everything is an opportunity to learn and evolve.

5锔忊儯 Use your unfair advantages

Hence the importance of self-knowledge (to close the loop).

Focus on your strengths, your assets, your advantages.

Don’t waste time where you’re not good, play to your strengths (especially the unfair ones)!

There are plenty of things I’m no good at and can’t win, so I play on the things I’m good at.

鉁‵reedom doesn’t depend on external elements, it’s within, embodied and cultivated, just like any other value!

These 5 principles enable you to truly nurture and cultivate this freedom value!

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