The best influence hacks I use as an introvert

As an introvert and former shy person, influencing has been the skill I’ve worked on the most over the last 15 years!

So much so, that I launched a “Pro-Influence” french blog during my studies, where I shared everything I was learning and practicing to gain confidence, learn to communicate and dare to speak out.

After giving conferences in front of hundreds of people, publishing content seen by millions of viewers and doing something I thought impossible: selling to thousands of customers, here’s what I’ve learned…

There are 3 essential pillars:

Self-confidence and self-esteem:

The value you place on yourself and the confidence you have in yourself will make all the difference. If you already have confidence in yourself, your value and what you bring to the table, you’ll be able to open any door. When you’re confident, it’s easier to gain the trust of others.

Listening :

Selling, convincing, influencing… Above all, it means knowing how to listen and ask the right questions. If you know exactly what others want, you’ve done 90% of the work!

Human psychology:

Humans have not changed, and are subject to the same biases and levers of influence. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel: when you understand the basics, you know how to influence and are less easily influenced (we still are, but being more aware is an asset).

By understanding how people work, knowing how to ask the right questions and developing your confidence + self-esteem, you can develop what is known as one of the most important “high income skills”: CONVINCING!

You can convince, communicate, sell… There’s no stopping you!

After that, it’s up to your ethics, but there’s two pieces of good news:

  • You remain in control of this “power” of persuasion.
  • This power can be learned!

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