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My productivity, creativity and project management system and tools to help me leveling up without getting bored or burnt out.

In this newsletter, I’m going to share with you my creative and productive multipotential process: how I learn, create, organize myself and make decisions while preserving my balance with a brain that never stops!

I’m going to divide this into 5 parts :

  1. My sources of inspiration and training
  2. My anti-weariness creative process
  3. How I organize myself as a jack-of-all-trades
  4. My decision-making system
  5. How I keep my peace of mind and my energy (tips to combat ruminations, anxiety and mental workload when the brain never stops)

🧠 Sources of inspiration and learning

It would be difficult to give a precise source of inspiration, so much so that I find inspiration everywhere:

  • The books
  • Discussions
  • Content in many fields
  • On the road
  • Mentors, masterminds…
  • Situations, failures, successes…

I think you can learn from anything! There isn’t just one source, but a process for capturing it:

I sort out what I think is relevant and trust my brain to do it.

I read a lot, listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks, as well as conferences (I like long formats).

Then I write down EVERYTHING! As soon as I’m inspired, I write it down, as soon as I have an idea, I write it down!

That’s my secret: I NOTE!

I’ve created a second brain for myself!

I like to learn from others, I invest tens of thousands of euros every year in myself: training, mentoring, coaching, therapy, care, health, networking…

I tell my customers to invest in themselves because I also invest in myself! The basis!

🌊 Creativity process

These inspirations stimulate my creativity! If I lack creativity: I read, I meet new people, I move around, I travel, I change my environment, I take a break by the water…

I’m not trying to force her.

My creative process doesn’t involve sitting behind a screen looking for ideas.

When I have ideas:

  • Contents
  • Concepts
  • Strategies
  • Problem solving

I write down EVERYTHING! And my ideas rarely come from behind 4 walls, behind a screen.

For example, the majority of my content ideas are drafts that I store… Then I’ll “dig” in to format, structure, define the format (article, videos, podcasts or other…) and create it.

My creativity is based above all on flow, intuition, the expression of ideas that fill a repertoire, and only then will I structure and format.

⏳ How I organize myself as a control-freak and multipotential

Organization is certainly the subject I’ve studied and experimented with the most over the past 15 years! To a point where I realized that the most important thing for me was based on 4 things:

  • Projection: What I want to achieve
  • Process: How to achieve it
  • Priority: Focus on achieving it
  • Rhythm: Respect my rhythm and my ideal days

I start by setting a goal and working backwards: Where do I want to get to? I usually set a 90-day target.

Then I define the key steps to reach it (process, habits, points to validate).

From this I prioritize everything that needs to be done and define the most important (for me, or for each team member if there are several of us on it).

Then I establish a rhythm of what needs to be done each day!

After that, it’s a question of organizing my days by avoiding distractions and interruptions, grouping similar tasks together and surfing my natural rhythms of productivity (executive, creative, waking, recovery moments…).

The key when working on several projects at the same time is to segment moments: hours, days or weeks focused 100% on one project, to avoid multitasking.

🤔My decision-making system

Well, I’ll be transparent!

I have models for different areas: personal, relational, several in business depending on the situation, finances, choice of direction etc.

It’s hard to cover everything…

But there is a somewhat universal model that I use constantly:

  • Value system: Does it feed my values?
  • Learning and elevation: Will I learn and become better regardless of the outcome?
  • Fun: Will I enjoy it? What’s my kif level?
  • Investment: Am I going to plant a seed for the future, regardless of the outcome?

You’ll notice that my intention is to feed myself by decorrelating myself from the result.

Oh yes, it’s usually 0 or 100: if I have a doubt, there’s no doubt, it must be 100%! If it’s 95%, it’s no…

I’ve created these systems precisely to avoid letting my emotions or biases get in the way of my important decisions.

😌Calming the mind: Habits to calm the mental load!

The greatest challenge of my life, of my very existence!

In fact, since I’ve accepted that I have a brain that never stops, I’ve been able to let go of my guilt and stop seeing it as a problem!

I’ve detached myself from these thoughts, I don’t use them as an identity anymore! It’s still difficult, but it’s the practice that comes with meditation.

Learning to observe our thoughts, letting them flow through us, listening, relaxing, letting them come and go, noting, not noting… It really is detachment.

I noticed that the problem got worse when I gave too much importance to the mental load by letting it take over, by starting a dialogue with it or by wanting absolutely to make it go away.

What you focus on expands, it works with your thoughts!

Hence the importance of having other occupations:

  • Sport
  • Writing
  • Outings with friends
  • Entertainment (movies, video games)

I’ve tried a lot of things, but there’s nothing like detachment (letting go) and leaving yourself alone to feel lighter.

I know, easier said than done, but if someone restless like me can do it sometimes, you can do it 🙂

So much for sharing the essence of what helps me progress in expressing my multipotentiality!

Take care of yourself!


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