The best productivity apps and tools I use everyday

I’ve tried over 250 applications and tools to improve my productivity at work. If I had to choose one in each category, here are my must-haves : Project management, planning and scheduling : Asana : for project and process management, especially in teams. Notion : I like Notion, but I’ve come to use it just for me […]

5 advices to unleash your creativity and write your first book

how to write first book

I wrote my first book in 2011, then released several in the following years, and here’s what I’ve learned about creativity and productivity when it comes to this kind of writing project:  Getting a book out is a wonderful project, and it’ll stay with you even when you’re gone… But this project requires quite a […]

The habit that made me work less and earn more (it’s scalable)

jo yang productivity

I’ve talked about the importance of habits and routines this week, and there’s one that has really had a significant impact on my life and career (especially regarding my energy level and fluidity in my progress). It really helps you earn more by working less! What’s more, you’ll see that it’s a kind of “habitception”! […]

5 habits to change so you stop wasting your time and potential

jo yang reading books

When it comes to changing your life, realizing your ambitions, creating fulfillment by evolving, the most powerful concept is the compound effect ! What counts is not what you do intensely once, but the little things in everyday life that cumulatively shape your destiny. Bad habits can ruin your potential, whereas if you change the […]

The 3 best people to delegate to and get more time, clarity and reduce mental load

3 people to whom you don’t delegate enough to lighten your mental load and save time (and it’s free): The ‘future you’: he’ll take care of your future problems, just make it easy for him, but don’t worry too much about what’s uncertain. The ‘unconscious you’: give it problems to solve, issues to deal with […]

The most powerful principles for success are the simplest

The most powerful principles for success are the simplest The simplest principles are the most powerful, but many people like to get caught up in the headaches or consider that it can’t be that simple… However, the majority of our progress, our success, our well-being, our fulfillment… are based on SIMPLE principles! We prefer to […]