The 3 best people to delegate to and get more time, clarity and reduce mental load

3 people to whom you don’t delegate enough to lighten your mental load and save time (and it’s free): The ‘future you’: he’ll take care of your future problems, just make it easy for him, but don’t worry too much about what’s uncertain. The ‘unconscious you’: give it problems to solve, issues to deal with […]

The best influence hacks I use as an introvert

As an introvert and former shy person, influencing has been the skill I’ve worked on the most over the last 15 years! So much so, that I launched a “Pro-Influence” french blog during my studies, where I shared everything I was learning and practicing to gain confidence, learn to communicate and dare to speak out. […]

What scares you most is precisely where you should  go !

What scares you most is precisely where you should go ! Fear is my best ally ! “Johann, how do you manage not to be afraid and doubt yourself ?” It’s impossible, I’m always afraid, I often doubt… And my best answer is to keep moving forward! Nelson Mandela said, “Courage is not the absence of […]

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