Passive income is a myth

Is Passive Income a myth ? It’s hard to get good informations on this subject, it’s become so much nonsense…  That doesn’t stop us from asking a real question:  How to secure, structure and scale your business so that it no longer depends on your time and the “seasons” by creating your own muse? If […]

The biggest lie “Money doesn’t grow on tree !”

money doesn't grow on tree passive income

They say that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. At least, that’s what we hear in classical education all our childhood… I used to believe it too until 2012… Even when I started planting my seeds but nothing sprouted… Today, I have euros and dollars growing from my trees, in my little garden, no joke! And […]

5 secrets to become more confident

jo yang

💪Self-confidence is not what you think it is: 5 revelations ! To be honest, I was far from being a confident person in life… quite the opposite! I always felt an inferiority complex by feeling like I was behind everyone else. I was so out of step that I spent my life wondering “what the […]

How to choose between two paths in life

There are two ways to use energy and time: to create or to destroy. The first way : Destruction, is easier and quicker.It’s easier to criticize, blame, attack, destroy, break, belittle, enjoy immediate gratification… The second path is more difficult. It requires more effort and patience. Creation is long and subtle. It’s difficult and time-consuming […]