About Jo Yang

Jo Yang, International Consultant, Speaker, Author and Trainer in Business Strategies.
Who am I and why do I do, what I do ?
I am Johann Yang-Ting, yes I am from Martinique with a Chinese name, which starts well ^^ (you will understand)...
My mission is to help talented entrepreneurs and creators to succeed and flourish in their activities with flow and meaning, being fully themselves, at their highest (multi)potential!
It's important to succeed by these rules, its fulfillment and to be passionate because we do, because I decided to become an entrepreneur because I didn't fit into any box and couldn't find any model that suited me...
I's important to me to help leaders, entrepreneurs who have launched out of conviction, passion and need for freedom, to create, to shine and "play" at their highest level !

I launched my first business in 2008, while I was a student. After studying negociation ​​and marketing at the University of Berkeley in California, I have always had trouble finding mentors that suit me... Anyway, since very young, I have always felt out of step and I had a hard time finding my way in this world. 

This is also why I wanted to be independent and autonomous. I'm multipassionnate, curious, I find it difficult to stay in the boxes... I had to build a path in which I flourished! Not having found a "model", I quickly understood that it was up to me to create my own path and play with my rules! That's why I help those who find it difficult to fin their path and follow strategies to raise their game to trace their own path... I have never been employed in my life. I realized how much the path of entrepreneurship required to evolve, to question and to rise very quickly. We can quickly get lost on the way, lock ourselves in obligations and mental workload, end up exhausted, find ourselves stuck in a model that I no longer suit us... Whereas we set out to be free and useful! We waste a lot of time looking for pieces of the puzzle without pinpointing what is good for us, or finding where we really belong. I often have trouble with the values ​​and behavior of the "mass" that I find superficial... We even end up saying that we have a problem, that the problem comes from us...
I decided to be free, to not give a fuck, to do what I love and to exploit my talents: learn quickly, create, transmit, optimize, simplify...

This is what I give on to my clients today: succeed with their rules, their talent and have fun, while remaining agile in an environment that has its own rules.

I have therefore developed a "design" approach to life and business based on 7 pillars which allows you to build your own model of success, structure and economic model (way of earning money) with your values, your personality, your assets and your rules, to really shine, flourish and have an impact!

There is nothing more fulfilling and enriching than evolving on a personal level in correlation with one's projects, feeling in one's place, at one's highest level of excellence and progression, while having an impact on of its customers.

I created the Gamentrepreneur ecosystem, a community and programs adapted to divergent and "Game Changers" (who have convictions), as well as the L.E.V.E.L. U.P. to rise and succeed in the game of entrepreneurship by being yourself.

In the end, there is nothing more fun than being free, in your place, useful by making the world benefit from our talents and well surrounded by those we love :) 


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